Thursday, September 9, 2010

The first meeting of the New Writing Group after about a three year haitis

It was great to be back in this group again.  Some of the "regulars" were there but there were quite a few new faces.

I like it when new people come as it gives fresh insight.  I read my article on "Shipped Back to Iran" which was something I wrote just to get it out of my system in 2007. At the last moment, I decided to take 12 copies with me of this work. 

It is the story of a family (mother and two small children) who came as refugees to Canada and after 15 years and much hardship here was shipped back to Iran.  I may write a poem about this story for the poetry group as well.

Unfortunately, it is all facts, from depression, financial hardship, trouble with the law, sexual  misbehaviour and suicide and finally, deportation for the ones who were left. 

Naturally, I changed all names but the facts are exactly as they happened. 

We here in Canada have such "comfortable" lives mainly and as I have been quite heavily involved with working with refugees, I write about things like that.

I write it in the hope that Canadian people may listen and remember if they meet a person in difficulties and do something to help that person.

After all, aren't we all of the same human family?

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