Saturday, September 11, 2010

Locke Street Festival

Random shots,while waiting for Mohammed's bus to arrive
What a wonderful time we had at the Locke Street Festival. I will definitely plan to go again next year!

I took the Number 7 Locke Street bus and it took me right to the Festival.  Locke Street was all blocked off and filled with pedestrians and booths with food, information on various organizations, goods to buy and alsoGeorge and Trudy were there with the Book Band.  We had a nice little chat and I introduced Mohammed to them.

There were several different types of musicians playing and a person doing a balancing act on a bike. I took a picture of that as he was amazing. 

Mohammed came from his area and we met there.  Fortunately there was a bench where I could sit and people watch until he arrived.  He missed one bus and had to wait half an hour for the next one but he finally came.

What an array of interesting things to see and people to talk to.  Children in prams, infants being carried in the new type  of baby carrier on the front of their parent, dogs walking more or less obediently beside their humans, people from the scantily dressed teenage girls to older folks with canes and walkers all merged along the street, walking in harmony and peacefulness.  In spite of the huge crowd, it was very orderly. 

Mohammed had not had any breakfast so we stopped and he had a croissant and tea which filled him up momentarily.  I already had my breakfast and was not hungry so did not need anything.  It was nice to sit and chat with him and people watch.  While I was waiting for him to get his things, Ellen and Rhoda from my poetry group came up and greeted me which was lovely.

I really enjoy people watching and certainly had my fill today!  I was very glad to see that there was a Christian as well as a Muslim representation there, both having stalls.  An excellent idea in case anybody is interested in learning more about both religions.

He treated me to a nice lunch at the Vintage Tea Room which was very enjoyable.  I like going there and always have liked it.  It is one of the places that the girls get together sometimes and go to.

Mohammed saw Olga and Julia in the crowd but they had disappeared before I saw them which was unfortunate. 

We decided to walk home and he walked me back to my building and then went to his place.

Anthony and Cathy were just coming back in an airport limo when we walked in so we had a nice little chat.  They had been in Arizona and had a wonderful time.

It was so good to see them. 

All in all, a great day!  Tomorrow will also be very nice as it is a BBQ after the church service at St. John's.  Waltrault is also bringing the message in German and Pastor Schweyer will bring it in English. It will be a joint English/German service as it is Rally day for the Sunday School.  It should be very fine and the church will be packed.

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