Thursday, September 16, 2010

The last few days

I have been so busy with downsizing that I haven't kept my blog up.  My apologies.

The downsizing is going very well, taken four big black garbage bags over to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and have another box packed and ready to go.  There still is more to do though.

Lit Chat on Tuesday was excellent!  Trevor Cole was the guest speaker and I really got a lot out of his words.  He will be having a book launch on Tuesday coming at the ArtWord/Artbar. I will check my schedule and see if I am free. 

Wednesday was Mystery Writers night at ArtWord/Artbar and I enjoyed it, except one writer spoke so fast, I could hardly pick up what she was saying.

I determined after the last marathon event which ended at 11:30 p.m. that I was not going to stay late anymore as it was too much for me.  I stayed until Intermission and I was home by 9 p.m. which was just fine by me! 

Jean did her usual fine job and I was glad that she was on first so I could listen to her.

Today (Thursday) was the Memorial Service for a friend of mine, Don.  The church was packed and his step children spoke so well about him.  I was really touched by what they said.

When his wife of 18 years was asked by the minister before what she would remember most about him, her answer was so great - "kindness". This is the second husband she has lost due to death.   I did not go downstairs to the reception although everybody was invited.

Tonight is my poetry workshop and Arturo will pick me up.  I really enjoy this group of people and Arturo is a very nice man and I appreciate his kindness in picking me up.

It has been an eventful few days.  I hope tomorrow I can just take a break and rest.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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