Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday's events

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, sunny and bright.  I suggested to my friend Rosie that we go to the waterfront and spend some time there. She prefers Pier 8 so we went there.

We spent some sun filled time down there and then went to Burlington to buy an ice cream.  The ice cream shop at Pier 8 is not yet open and she felt like an ice cream.

I was rather disappointed in the lack of cleanliness at the place we went to.  In fact, the tables, the floor and even the windows needed cleaning.  My bag fell on the floor so I immediately washed it when I returned home.  I will be glad when the ice cream shop at Pier 8 opens as they keep it very clean there.

Somehow, when it is not clean, I do not enjoy going.

While I was gazing out the dirty window, I saw a fox run by.  It was an amazing sight to me as I have not seen one for a number of years.

Thanks for dropping in, and have a good day.

P.S.  If it snows in April, you can blame me.  I washed my winter coat yesterday to put it away till next winter!

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