Friday, April 24, 2015


Today was a rather sad day but yet a celebration of two lives well lived.  The church was packed which showed how loved Kathe (Katharina) and Achim were.

These two kindred souls had come from Europe and met and married in Hamilton.  They raised a family and led a good life, kind and considerate of others. Pastor Daniela Mertz officiated at the celebration of life for Mr. & Mrs. Alken.

In their shared lives, they always did everything together, and even their children mentioned this in their Eulogies.

Achim died one week before Kathe and now they are reunited in God's care.

Church bells were run as Achim loved them, both before the service and after it was ended.  Kathe had requested the folk song, "Am Brunnen vor dem Tore which was sung so beautifully by Barbara Pettinger.  There were hymns in English as well as German. There were readings from the Bible, prayers and a short talk by Pastor Daniela.

After the service, some people went to the interment at Woodland Cemetery while others stayed behind in the church hall and chatted. After the people returned from the internment, we all sat down together to enjoy the wonderful food which was put together by the Hostess Commitee, who outdid themselves.

Open faced sandwiches, platters of vegetables and fruits, and so many choices of wonderful tortes and cakes. Coffee and herbal tea was also available.

Together in life, Kathe and Achim, together in death, a new life within the sheltering arms of God.
May God give comfort to the members of the family and friends who will miss them dearly.

From God we come, to God we return.

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