Monday, April 20, 2015


A lovely event, for a brisk but nice Spring day. As most of you who read this blog knows, April is Poetry Month.

Ron opened up his cozy bar on a Sunday just for this occasion which was very gracious of him.

This cute little bar is a place where people can gather to have a light snack, a beer or wine and listen to local artists play music or read poetry.

It started about 2:45 and ended at around 6 p.m. with many poets delighting the audience with their work.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

James Deahl - M.C.

David Haskins

Norma West Linder
James is an excellent master of ceremonies I find.   My window of opportunity to take pictures was dependent on how much space was between the two people ahead of me, but thanks to a zoom lense on the little camera, the pictures are okay.

Laurence Hutchman

Anna Yin
I am hoping that I can find out his name for the blog as we have never met and I did not hear his name.

Anna Yin and guitarist Mark Harry - a lovely combination
I really enjoyed the music and poetry together.  At Tower Poetry we do paintings and poetry together.  I would love to try music and poetry but I do not know who to ask to play.

John B. Lee

Our Host - Ron
Lynn Tait

Bernadette Rule

It was a lovely reunion of like minded people who enjoy the spoken word.  There were several poets from Sarnia, Ontario, one from Port Dover, one from Mississauga, one from Grimbsy and I think one from Toronto, plus, of course local poets from the Hamilton area.

It is always good to touch base again with fellow writers.

Thanks so much for dropping by.   Poetry rocks!!!!

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