Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tower Poetry Christmas party

What a grand affair it was to be sure!  It was pot luck and people brought varied dishes.  It was held in Stoney Creek and without a  car, it would have been too far to go.  Fortunately for me, Jennifer decided to go and both Jennifer T and I got a ride.

Norm called earlier today to ask if I had a ride which was very kind of him.

People with cars are so generous!

What a lovely area it was in.  Very rural and lovely homes out that way.

Here are some shots from the party.

In the entrance hall to this beautiful home

A sweeping staircase

Christmas tree in the sitting room

Lynn presenting our hostess Fran with a small gift (Fran in black)

The table was groaning with delicious treats such as crackers and cheese, a spiced fruit dish, rice cakes (home made) and delicious meat balls among others equally delightful.

On the desert side, there was a lovely cheese cake with blueberries, home made banana and also carrot cakes (bite size), ice box cookies and some scrumptious filled tarts.

There were non-alcoholic drinks as well as some wine I believe and water with lemons in it.  I found that refreshing myself.

Nobody went away hungry, that is for sure!

After a suitable time, we all gathered in the living room to enjoy reading of poetry.  I forgot about that and did not bring the Christmas poem I wrote a few years ago.  Perhaps next year?




Fran, our hostess


It was very nice to hear the poetry.  No critiquing was done - this event is strictly a party and not a workshop.

Jennifer T

Quite a few people from our usual group were missing due to illness which is too bad.  Winter weather seems to bring on colds and feelings of being unwell.

I think I must have reached my limit for putting on pictures unfortunately.  It was a lovely party, in a fantastic and welcoming home and a gracious hostess.

Thanks for dropping by.

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