Sunday, December 21, 2014

The party at Liz and Jeff's place

Liz had sent me an invitation and said that I could bring a friend so I brought Mohammad.  We took a taxi and had a very pleasant driver bring us.  The bus service for that area is only every hour after 6 p.m. so the best way to get there is to drive or take a taxi.

Liz and Jeff are such welcoming hosts and I recognized some of the people from last year's party as well so that made it a little easier for a quiet person like me.  Liz's aunt Agnes sat beside me and we got along very well.  Near the end of the evening, her father Joe came and chatted with me.

As usual, Liz had done some fabulous baking.  I forgot to bring my camera so did not get any pictures.

I really love seeing all the children there, having a good time together and the different representations of age groups.

This year, several of the singing group were sick so we didn't have singing alas.  However, people mixed well and were very friendly.

Joe and Agnes offered us a ride home, dropping Mohammad off at his place and then dropping me off as well.

A lovely event.

Thanks for dropping by.

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