Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas lunch for the Whitehern gals and guys - Club 2014

What a splendid time we had at my club.  The club set a large table out for us in the Morgan Room and Waldemar was our server.

We each ordered something different which was great and some of us nibbled from others plates just to taste what they had.

We met at 11:30 as planned.  Anita arrived just as I arrived at 11:22 and the rest of the group straggled in over the next few minutes.

Some people started out with tea and coffee as we had to wait for the stragglers and when everybody had arrived, we ordered.

I was very pleased how my guests were treated and the generous portions of the sandwiches, potato salad or green salad which went along with each sandwich.  I asked for fruit and they were kind enough to accommodate me.

After the luncheon, I took several of them on a tour of the club and they were most impressed.

Here are some shots from today.

Anita in front of the main Christmas tree

Wilma - same spot

Left to right - Mohammad, Andre, Ruby and Marisol

Anita and Jeff on my side of the table

Jeff in one of the rooms upstairs

Mariol - beside one of the decorations for Christmas
We were missing some of our group, Joanne (recuperating) Grace (recuperating)

They all said they were very impressed with the place and the good amount of food that was served and they all liked our server.  They would like to come again.  I suggested we make this our Christmas meeting place each year as it is so beautifully decorated.  They may want to come again at some point in the new year as well.

Thanks for dropping by.

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