Saturday, December 27, 2014

A fun time with my Chinese friends

I planned to go up to Value Village just to look around and thought of my two friends who may not know of this store.

When I mentioned it, they were happy to come.  We had a ball.  I think they bought the store out, but I only bought one thing.  Fortunately, I brought my cart with me and they were able to put much of the things they bought into it.

We went out to Harvey's for a hamburger afterwards and then they came back to my place for a little visit.

They are such loving people that I enjoy being with them.  They are a good team, mother and daughter.

I will be sad when they return to China.  They are from the same city where my brother and his wife teach at the university.

Tina arranged this little cave for Mr. Boots

Mother and daughter - Tina and A Yi

Fans for Mr. Boots - Tina's nickname for Boots

What a great time we had together.  They want to come to the Carnegie Gallery Poetry book launch with me in January.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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