Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another fabulous event at my club

Friday was the last day for the club to be open before the Christmas holidays and there were two events scheduled for that day. The staff must have been worn out by the end of the evening.  We are so fortunate to have such good people working there.

The first one was a well attended buffet in which business people were encouraged to bring their staff for a treat.  I noticed that there were quite a few people who did just that.  As is usual, I observe people and enjoy their reactions to the delicious food, the good company and the excellent service.

There was much happy chatter among the office groups.  Our little group had a table to ourselves in the corner of the main dining room.  While I was waiting for the others to turn up, I had the opportunity to people watch and I saw several people going towards the buffet line that I knew fairly well but they were seated elsewhere so we did not get a chance to chat.

Linda, Tijen, Ashley and I had a great time.  Linda has named us "The Book Group."  This is our second get together as a little group and I must say I really enjoy getting to know all of them.

We are hoping to get together once a month - time permitting.

I left the club around 3 p.m. and just vegetated the rest of the day.

That night, the club had a dance party which I did not attend but I am sure that the younger members and their friends participated fully in it.

Part of my evening was taken up with the tickets for Theatre Aquarius and my two Chinese friends.  One of my friends at the club could not attend Mary Poppins and asked me to give the tickets to my immigrant friends which I did.

Two young Chinese girls were given this gift.  I am anxious to hear if they enjoyed it. I probably will find out today.  There was a little mix-up due to the day and I offered to pay the rest but when I told the supervisor that it was a donation, she waived the $11.00 extra dollars.  I was very pleased by her decision and I let the donors know about it.

Theatre Aquarius was very helpful with directions on how to get there by bus as well. The lady who gave the directions did an excellent job pointing out landmarks so the girls would know they were on the right track.

On another note, it is party time again for me tonight.  Also, on Sunday evening a candlelight service which my friends Mohammad and AYi will attend with me.

So many wonderful things go on in the month of December but it can be quite tiring as well, so I try and moderate what I do.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a great day.

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