Friday, December 26, 2014

A scrumptious dinner with my son

I took the 4 p.m. bus to his place.  There were very few people on it, in fact I think there was only four or five people during the whole time.

I sure hope that they don't stop that service as it never is a full bus.

Ken had a few last minute details to finish for the meal he was preparing so I sat near the kitchen and we chatted as he worked.  His meal was wonderful and there was enough left overs for four full meals for him for work plus he sent me home with some turkey for turkey sandwiches.

I took a few pictures but saved them in Windows Live and now cannot access them onto the blog. I have no idea why.

I hope to figure it out one day and put the pictures on but thus far, cannot.

Thanks for dropping by.

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princess-anna said...

the dinner sounds so good and a good time with Ken. he must be a good cook