Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Brunch at the Club. Dec. 7/14

Each year I have come, it has been enjoyable.  Naturally, the food is A-1 but what I come for is to see the children with Santa Claus.

It is so adorable to see all the little ones with their parents and often times grandparents, interacting together in such a wonderful atmosphere. Both the boys and girls are all dressed up, the boys with bow-ties and little suit jackets and many of the little girls were dressed in sparkly dresses.

Most of the children are very well behaved and the young families there seem to be happy families.

Two of my Thursday night friends always bring their grandchildren and this year, they brought the boys Mom and Dad as well.

Another friend had her daughter and son-in-law and their children come plus her Mom from Winnipeg so that was also a delight to see.

Here are some shots.

Waiting patiently for children in the lounge

Santa and Wilma

A lull in between children

I took pictures of my friend's grandchildren but will not put them on the blog.

It was a lovely event and it was grand to see young families interacting together.

Everybody else had family there except one other gentleman who came late.  A friend of mine was supposed to come but she did not show up so I guess she changed her mind.

Everybody was friendly and it was a good event.

Thanks for dropping  by.

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