Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A meaningful and beauty service tonight

St. John's was packed to its fullest extent with more chairs being brought in.  I was lucky that there was a single seat with a young couple from Toronto.

There was some excitement before the service started.  A man passed out and an ambulance came and took him to the hospital.

I hope he will be all right.

As is usual, the 5 p.m. service was mostly families coming from far away to visit with their parents and grandparents.  The children were quite well behaved which I was happy about.  Christmas Eve is when German people celebrate Christmas.

It is such a special time.  The singing was robust, Pastor Thomas gave a very short message that God is always with us, no matter if it is in bad or good times and that we should remember that.

The choir outdid themselves.  I went downstairs after the service and socialized with several people.  A Yi and Tina walked me home.  I invited them to come upstairs but they were wanting to buy some Chinese vegetables and make a special supper tonight.  As far as I understood, they had hoped to come over to my place for a visit on Christmas Day but they did not let me know.   My son invited me to his place for dinner.

Their English is somewhat limited, especially the Mother but somehow we communicate.  I still plan to invite some friends from the immigrant community for tea and light refreshments at some point over the holidays.  It is very hard on people who are from elsewhere and don't have family here.

I really enjoyed this service.  

Thanks for dropping by.  If you celebrate Christmas, may you have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year.   If you don't, then enjoy the feeling of togetherness and good will which this season brings.

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