Sunday, December 2, 2012

Death comes to us all

My cat Tiger, had a major stroke last night and my son and his girllfriend came to help me early this morning as soon as they heard about it.

I had called the SPCA and the Animal Control people after the stroke as I saw how serious it was.  He lost control over his waterworks, lost control of his movements and especially his legs, and kept flopping from side to side.  It was hard to watch to say the least.

On the phone I was told by Animal Control that they could put him to sleep if we surrended the animal to the city.  They would try to save him but if the vet said there was no use, then they would have the vet put him to sleep.

I asked my son to varify this information, as I was so upset when I called in the middle of the night and my hearing is not good. My son also called this morning just to check the information and was told the same.

We brought Tiger up to Dartnel which is a very, very long way even in a car.  We were told they did not do that.  They gave us the name of a 24 hour vet. clinic who could do it.  We took him there and it was a good choice.

Beattie Pet Hospital at 131-125 Upper Centennial Parkway,Unit #3 in Stoney Creek on the mountain were fantastic. Their phone number is 289-639-5600.     The staff were so kind, when the vet came he explained the procedure and we stayed with Tiger until he died, which was within  a few seconds of having the lethal injection.Tiger just went to sleep. 

Here is their website:

They are a regular full service hospital as far as I could see.  I was most impressed by the extreme kindness shown by the vet, he talked to Tiger, stroked him and spent some time with him before he gave him the shot.  He carefully explained the after affects of the shot after Tiger was dead.  Air would escape from the lungs and body fluids would come out. 

I shall miss Tiger very much as will Boots.  I fully expected Boots to go first as he is 19 years of age and Tiger was quite abit younger.  I don't know Tiger's age as he came to me third hand and nobody knew his age.

I may write a poem about Tiger as a memorial to him.

It is a sad day for me but I am thankful that Tiger no longer needs to suffer.

Boots is to the left, Tiger us to the right

They were the best of buddies

Tiger - in his clean litter box - he loved to do that for some reason.

It just in another lesson in life, I was certain that Boots being the much older cat would have gone first. Instead, Tiger had a stroke and was so damaged that it was the kindest thing to do by putting him to sleep.

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