Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jury Selection days

It was a very interesting experience and I met some very pleasant people.  I heard that there were 600 people called for jury selection on the Monday.

All I know was the fact it took two full mornings, some people having to return in the afternoon even. 

We were taken into the court room and told the rules by the judge, then gradually we were put into groups of 20 people.  The murder suspect was present and he pleaded not guilty.  It was a charge of second degree murder which means, I think, that it was not a premeditated act.

Everybody was asked to come back the next morning at 10 a.m. and to go into our groups so that people could be questioned by the two lawyers, one representing the Crown and the other representing the defendent.

By 12 noon Tuesday they had picked the twelve jurist plus two spares.

The rest of us were told we had done our duty and could go home.

I met some really nice people and everybody seemed to be okay with being there.

An interesting experience.  My one other time was in Toronto and both lawyers rejected me.  This time, in my group's case, we were not needed and were free to go about our regular lives again.

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