Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas buffet at the Hamilton Club etc. etc.2012

What a grand day it turned out to be.  The weather was a little nippy but the atmosphere in the club was warm and friendly, making it very worthwhile to brave the winter cold.

I took some shots of the buffet table and the decorations.  I did not take shots of the attendees as they may not wish to be on a blog.

Michael, our wonderful chef, was kind enough to pose for a picture beside the main buffet table.

This was before the other guests came.  Michael and his fantastic team put on a lovely banquet.

The big tree on the Main Floor

Those are just a few shots on the main floor where the buffet was held.

All in all, a nicely buffet.  A gentleman from the club invited me to go with him to hear The Steel Town Rovers at Hamilton Place the same night which I enjoyed very well.

A very full and complete day.

Thanks for dropping by.

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