Friday, December 14, 2012

Radio interview

It was a very interesting experience for me and something I have not done before.  I have interviewed people from professors to politicians but never been on the radio.

At first there were some technical problems with hooking up but that happens on even the t.v. stations sometimes.

I was a little nervous about it as not only was it 12:10 a.m. our time here but it was quite some distance away (3,000 miles) in Vancouver, B.C.

Once I got over the nervousness, it was fine. 

They have said that they would like to put me on again at some point.

I found it interesting to listen to my own voice especially reading my work.  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the two hosts, both in English and Spanish.

If anybody would like to hear the radio interview, please go to:

Then click on the radio show for Dec. 11th.  There will be some nice music (Spanish) and then the hosts and near the beginning of the programme is my interview.  If you have the time, near the end of the hour long show, there is a poet who writes abouyt bi-polar illnesses.  I found that very touching and I also enjoyed the music very much.

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