Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying to catch up on my blog

Today is a restful day for me, if you can count being woken up by the fire bells going off at 3:30 a.m.!
This lovely (and I am being very sarcastic here) event is the fourth fire bells episode since Thursday and it sure disturbs one's sense of security and rest. One nice thing that happens is that my neighbour Gloria comes over and we sit together and watch the firemen arrive on the t.v. screen.  Usually you can tell by their body language and how calm they are that it is nothing serious. 

I plan to write up several events on the blog that I really enjoyed and keep on tackling old filing which is one of my things I procrastinate the most about.

On Thursday I invited two old friends of mine from Toronto to come for the day.  I met them at the bus station and they dropped off their bundles here at the apartment and we went over to the Club for lunch.

They really enjoyed themselves there, as did I.  Amanda was kind enough to show us around and explain a little of the history of the club.  We had a very tasty meal including desert and tea and coffee.  As my friends eat a little differently, Michael, the chef, was so kind to arrange to have several fish and vegetarian dishes available for them.  This is one of the wonderful things about the club.  If they know in advance, they can arrange for special dishes.  For an example, for a diabetic friend of mine, we had a cheese cake which she could enjoy.  They make all my friends very welcome and everybody has left their feeling happy and content.

We three enjoying our meals


Feeza, Wilma, Nasima
Wer spent a most pleasant time there and then took the No. 6 Aberdeen bus to Princess Point where we went exploring.  A few years ago, I took them to Bayfront Park. We had a fantastic hike through the wilder parts of the trails there and took lots of pictures.

After our lovely visit to Princess Point, we went back to the Club for Martini night.  I had not realized that the club could make non-alcoholic drinks but they made two wonderful drinks for my friends.  I had my usual diet Skype.

I walked them to the bus stop in order for them to get the 6:30 bus back to Toronto.  I spent the rest of the evening at the Club chatting with people.

Thanks for dropping by.

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