Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Humans are very difficult to deal with on some days!

Give me cats any day! 

I happened to call a Toronto friend today and got a real blast of anger from her.  I did not know what I had done and tried to find out.

It turns out that I forgot to do something for her about four months ago and instead of phoning me and reminding me, she took her anger out today in a very nasty manner.

It totally slipped  my mind and the more angry she got the more I remembered the request. 

I told her that I would try and get the paper she needed but I would need to ask a friend who lives there to get it for me.

I apologized time and time again as I did feel very badly about this.  She said she accepted my apology but her tone of voice and her words said otherwise.

Now she does not want the paper anymore. 

I failed but not because I wanted to, but because of my memory problems. 

I imagine that I will not be talking to her very much, if at all, in the future. 

Today made me appreciate my cats even more, even the visiting cat who has lived with me for 57 days so far!  They sure are less complicated than humans!

Hope your day is going well and you have not had a falling out with anybody. 


Andreas Gripp said...

"give me cats any day" -- i hear you on that -- couldn't agree more ...

annaken said...

Aren't they easier by far?