Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Jewish Literary Festival

This was my second time to attend this festival and I was not disappointed.  Although it was only one day this time, it was a very enlightening and delightful time spent with fellow writers.

It was delightful to see writers from Toronto and the Hamilton area.  I particularly was happy to see Karen.

I did not take pictures of this event as I was not sure if it would be appropriate.  I asked the lady at the desk if it was permitted and she said she would ask.  She probably forgot but no matter, I chose not to take pictures.

It was a well organized event.  Lil and Ellen did a superb job and all the people who pitched in to assist did very well indeed. 

We started off with a lovely breakfast, then the book launch and readings by various authors who had work in the anthology. There was a panel discussion about artefacts,stories and Jewish tradition  with Lil being the moderator.

Lunch was buffet style this time -  again very satisfying and filling. 

From 1-2:30 approximately, there were concurrent workshops.  One was on "Fictional Truth/Truth into Fiction" which I took.  The others were "Digging Up My Roots  Fascinasting Family Finds",  "From the Old Country to a New World", "Poetry for Absolute Beginners."

At approximately 2:30 the first session finished and everybody gathered in the Mandel Auditorium for ''Nosh and Chat"

Session Two, which began about 3 p.m. and ran till approximately 4:30, had also concurrent Workshops.  "Mah-Jongg Remembered", "Poems as Letters" (the one I took), "Vanished Ashkenazi Community in Uganda" and "The Jewish Hamilton Project." 

I particularly enjoyed the Poems as Letters as I thought Carol was a splendid teacher and I loved her style of coming around to each of her students and commenting personally on their work.

My letter was told from the point of view of a neglected cat and addressed to its owner and it caused some laughter to be heard in the classroom.  I really enjoy looking at things from another perspective.

Our teacher Carol would like a copy of the poem for her student so I will flesh it out and play with it a little more before sending it to her. 

I really liked her a great deal.  She is an American professor and a real down to earth person.

She reminds me of my sister-in-law, very down to earth, very kind and loving in her comments.  Pam is like that.  Her students are so lucky to have her as this lady's students are.

Rabbi Baskin finished off this wonderful day with closing remarks.  He is an amazing man, still very active at 91.

A fantastic event for all who attended.  I hope they do it again in a few year's time.

Thanks for dropping by.

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