Sunday, June 24, 2012

A time spent in Toronto

Me, Margaret, Princess and Rene

Andew picked me up about 10 a.m. and we headed towards Toronto. I like their new place, lots of light and many windows.  They can see the street and there even is awindow in the kitchen which I loved. Rahel is happier there.  I can see why, as there is lots going on in that area, two large stores within a few minutes walk and a back yard.

We just were able to make it in time to take the baby out to the doctor way out in Vaughan. I liked their new baby doctor, he seemed to be a caring young man.

When we got back, we relaxed for a while and then Andrew's cousin came over with his dear wife.  I had met them at the wedding two years ago  They brought Swiss Chalet which we all enjoyed.

The next day Saba, Rahel's sister, whom I have also met in Hamilton, came for the day  which was nice.  Andrew was kind enough to drive me to Sonia and Rene's for a little visit, and then Sonia, Rene and I went to visit Margaret who is now 92 years of age.   We spent considerable time there and then, upon invitation from Andrew, Sonia and Rene came back and we all visited for a little while.  They had never met each other so hopefully a friendship may grow.

Rene with Princess at Margaret's place

Sonia - at Margaret's place

Sonia, Margaret and Rene  - El Salvador and Denmark originally

We had a lovely little visit, particularly since it was a surprise.  I only phoned Margaret the same day as I was not sure if I could see her or not since I was depending on others for a ride there.

On my visitr I tried to visit Connie but the answering machine came on for two days and I could not see her.  I have not seen her for several years and who knows when the next time will be that I get a ride to Toronto?  That was a little disappointing.

All in all, I had a very pleasant time in Toronto and the bed was very comfortable.  As you will notice, there are no pictures from the baby, as the father does not want any pictures of his daughter on the internet.  Naturally, I will respect that.  He will be mailing pictures to friends and family.  I hope that those with a scanner do not scan the photo and put her picture on the internet. 

Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a good day.


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