Sunday, June 24, 2012

Launch of The Fourth Dimension

George,Trudy - The Book Band, Stella, Jeff Seffinga - Editor - Serengeti Press
The Fourth Dimension
Today was the launch of my friend Stella's second book - The Fourth Dimension.

This event was held at The Unitarian Church on Dundurn which was a good location as there was plenty of parking space available.

It also is totally accessible which is another good thing in its favour.

I am happy to say that the launch went well.  George Down of The Book Band introduced Stella and she read some of her work from her newest book.

George and Trudy of The Book Band do a marvelous job, in my opinion.  George, with his dry sense of humour, is a delight.  After the reading, he encouraged the audience to ask the author any question pertaining to her work and there were some very good questions.   I was happy to see that.

Not only is Stella a good writer but she also is a terrific baker.  She baked four different kinds of cookies which were very delicious!  It was so good to see Dan, her husband, there enjoying this special time as well.

To purchase this book, please contact The Book Band at:

Thanks for dropping by and come back again when you have the time.

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