Friday, June 8, 2012

Trip to Drayton,Ontario with ladies group

A sea of grey and white heads met me as I boarded the chartered bus which would take us first to Elmira to Crossroads Restaurant for lunch and then onto Drayton, Ontario where we would have the pleasure of seeing a live performance of "The Sound of Music."

On the way to Elmira, happy chatter filled my ears as people enjoyed the smooth ride through lovely countryside.  It was a time for singing together from song sheets, clean jokes being shared, and a time to visit with each other.

The restaurant "Crossroads" was run by the Mennonite people as far as I was able to ascertain.  We had a very sweet lady look after our table.  She was dressed in a long gown which reached to the floor, a very plain style, in a gentle colour.  She also had a little white cap on her lovely hair.

Kindness and peacefulness shone from her face as she served us.  One of our ladies had a fall as she was getting up from her chair to go to the buffet table and as you can imagine, great concern was shown for her.  Fortunately, she was just shaken up.  The staff immediately sat her on a chair a little away from where she sat before while friends clustered around her. 

With calmness and serenity, the servers cleaned up the mess and continued to look after the other guests.  I was very impressed with their efficiency and the care they took of the lady who fell.

The buffet was groaning and if everybody ate a little bit of each dish, they too would be groaning|!

After a quick look at the gift shop attached to the restaurant, we clambered up the steep stairs of the bus and took our seats.

That was the only difficult part of the trip for those with mobility issues.

After a short drive, we arrived in Drayton.  On our way we saw cows grazing in farmer's fields, cats slinking across the road, birds singing their hearts out although we could not hear them through the bus windows and at one point, we saw a Mennonite man in a horse and buggy.

Drayton is a very small place but they have a magnificient building which houses the cultural events they run.

The place where the play was held

a side view from where our bus driver let us off

On the main drag - peaceful looking!

The post office in Drayton

I liked how the play was done, it did not follow the movie but I suspect may have followed the book more.  It was wonderful singing, a good story plot and very well done.

It took a while to get people back into their buses, there were several groups of seniors there from different areas.

On the way home, we ran into a storm which had hail stones, sheets of rain, lightening and we saw a lightening strike which caused a large flash.  We did not know what had been hit.

We arrived back at approximately 7 p.m. and I walked home when I managed to get soaked through and through.  However, thankfully it was not far and I could change into dry things right away.

A marvelous and happy day for all!

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