Saturday, August 27, 2011

A true crime programme brought back memories for me

Last night I saw the true story of a good family man, who was out with his family for a nice time on the Mountain here in Hamilton.  He was brutally murdered in the back hallway and washroom of the pub

It happened in 2005 and I remember it well.  This gentleman was minding his own business, playing pool with his son and then had to use the washroom.  In that rather isolated  area, unknown to anybody in the bar, he was kicked and stamped to death by two gang members from Kitchener, Ontario.  A third one, a young offender, looked on while this crime was taking place.

It brought back so many memories for me.  One of my children had gone to a bar with a buddy and had wanted to go up the stairs to where the washrooms were.  There were some young people blocking the stairs and my child said "Excuse Me" and went through.

From what I recall, as I head the story after it happened, my child was set upon outside when they left and my child was beaten quite badly and required a trip to the hospital.  I lived in another city at this time and my child was in University in Hamilton.

The next thing I know, I hear my buzzer downstairs in the apartment where I lived in Toronto and a voice said "Mom, I don't want you freaking out."

At that time, I had a bad case of flu and was quite ill with it.  When I opened my own door, my eyes could not take it in.  My child was covered with blood, including on the clothing and the doctor's had patched up the wound on the face, but it had started to bleed again.  Recuperation time took about two weeks if I am remembering rightly.  With the help of my doctor friend Nor, who was in Hamilton as a "fellow", I managed to stop the flow of blood.

The group of "so called" men who did this, have never been caught which suggests to me that they will continue doing such vicious things until they are caught.

These vicious people had every intention of inflicting brain damage,  as that is where they aimed.

 Over what?  A polite "Excuse me"?

 There was absolutely no sense in this crime as there was no sense in the terrible crime done on that good family man on the Mountain.

Happily, the police have found two of the three men in the case on the Mountain and they are serving 11 year sentences, but will be out in 7 years.

A good family man, hard working, well liked by his peers, his life snuffed out in such a vicious and uncalled for attack, leaves such a void in the lives of his family and friends.

My child was lucky, somebody saw it and called the police before more damage could be inflicted. There was nobody there to help the other gentleman..

What has gone wrong with our society that young people feel they have to be in gangs and wreck havoc on others?

Where has our society failed?

On that note, I shall stop.  Thank you for dropping by.

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