Thursday, August 25, 2011

A day spent with some good friends from the Toronto area

It was so grand to see both of them again.  They both had been to my jewellery party in April but I have not seen either one of them in person since that time.

We went to the Afghani food place in the Old Eaton's Center as it is halal.  Nobody was fasting due to health reasons.

After that, we took the shuttle bus down to the waterfront Pier 8 and then took the trolley ride throughout the waterfront parks.

I think Mun was quite impressed but both Asma and I have done it before.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon and they left about 4:30.

The boat launch at Bayfront Park.

a view from inside the troley

Both Asma and I took pictures of the scenery mostly.

Thanks for dropping by.

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