Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today at Whitehern

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Ryan Baer (singing and guitar)  Dave Neigh (fiddle) 
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What a treat we had today!  The Haret Duo were performing at Whitehern.  Two young fellows by the name of Ryan Baer(singing and guitar) and Dave Neigh (fiddle) entertained us royally.

We were all set up in the garden when a rain shower descended from the heavens and people ran for cover.  Some took off for home while many ran into the Carriage House to shelter from the downpour. Fortunately, the performers were in the Gazebo and thus their instruments were not harmed by the intense rain which fell..

It was decided to continue with the concert in the Carriage House which is a very cozy environment with its stone walls and it was easier to hear in there than in the garden. The young men played the blues as well as some bluegrass.  Their act was billed as "Eclectic Vintage Style Folk".

People participated by clapping their hands, tapping their feet and in general from what I observed, everybody seemed to have a good time.

I hope that they will be invited back next summer to perform again.

Jeff took these pictures on the blog, as I did not bring my camera with me this time.

All in all, a wonderful event once again at Whitehern.

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