Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bayfront Park with friends

I decided to phone some friends to see if they wanted to go down to Bayfront Park with me.  I am delighted to say that we all managed to get together and go.

It was a beautiful day and Bayfront is as beautiful as ever!  Mohammad came over early and we had a lovely chat and then Rahel and Andrew got home and we left for the park.

Mohammad, Andrew and Rahel

Mohammad, Wilma and Andrew

Mohammad, Rahel and Andrew

Mohammad, Rahel and Wilma
We spent two hours walking down there, chatting and laughing and in general had a great time.

Some of the boats berthed there

Some really nice boats there

Trees are some of my favourite things.

An unusual looking plant

One of the many beautiful spots
The two hours passed so fast and Mohammad suggested that we go over to Pier 8 to Williams Pub to have crepes but unfortunately we were not able to go.

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