Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harbour Queen Boat Trip - Hamilton, Ontario

What a lovely time we had today!   The weather could not have been better with a nice breeze on the water.

The sun was hot but not excessively, which made it very pleasant.

We took off a  little after 12 noon and made our way through the choppy water.  Our tour guide pointed out places of interest as we passed them by.

A light lunch was served of a delicious soup, sandwiches, fruit cocktail and a cookie with coffee or tea.

Here are some shots I took.

Grace, Joanne, Rosie, Jeff and I

This nice gentleman took three pictures of our little group.

On the deck
Lunch was served in the covered part of the ship.  The windows opened so it was quite pleasant in there once the ship started to move.

Grace and Joanne
Jackie and Jeff, Rosie in the background
Rosie and I were at Table 20 and the others were at Table 19.  It worked out well as Rosie did not know two of the girls and she does know me very well.

Demonstration on how to put on the life jacket

Jeff at the buffet table

The lower deck as seen from above

Jeff, without his glasses

Part of the tour

I must say it was a most pleasant time and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.  Jeff and I will be planning a picnic for the group at Pier 8 before the end of summer.

We haven't done one for several years and Grace really enjoyed our last one and mentioned it today.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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