Monday, August 1, 2011

Civic Holiday

Today is a Civic Holiday in Ontario.  In Toronto it is called  Lord Simcoe Day. In Hamilton, it is called George Hamilton Day and in Burlington, it is called Joseph Brant Day.  I thank a friend of mine here in Hamilton for helping me in expanding my knowledge about this particular Civic Holiday.  As I lived in Toronto so many years, I had only heard it called Lord Simcoe Day.  Thank you Jeff for your insight into this civic holiday.  I appreciate it as I try to be factual as I have readers from other countries.

 I thought for a change, I would go over to the mall and see if there were any stores open.  There were none.  Only two restaurant was open in the whole mall.  Even Tim Horton's was closed.

I am glad for the workers as everybody deserves a break.

On my way back I passed the Sheraton Hotel and decided to go in and just enjoy the ambiance of the lobby.  I have stayed there and have enjoyed it and when my friend Evelyne used to come to visit me before she died, she would stay there as she was allergic to cat dander and could not stay with me.

While I was there, Lincoln Alexander and his new wife drove through the lobby on their respective scooters. 

I came home after a gentleman who came in sat on another sofa quite near by, had started to talk very excitedly to himself.   He may have been unwell.

It is very hot outside today and so I will have to stay in air conditioned places today.  I would have loved going down to the waterfront on the shuttle bus, but at Pier 8 there is very little shade.

Thanks for dropping by.  Enjoy your day.

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