Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today, April 10,2011 is the day of my party

For some reason, I have been much more stressed  than usual.  I love a party normally.  Thankfully, I am pretty organized and everything is now done except to carry it all down to the party room.  I am thankful for my walker - it makes life so much easier for me.

I really am looking forward to the clown coming from Toronto.  This is a first for my party!  This is my third party in the party room and my fourth party in Hamilton.

I also am looking forward to my son singing and playing his guitar.  He has a lovely voice and I have not heard him sing for quite some time.  This will also be my pal Asma's first public reading of her poetry so that is exciting as well.  I may read some of my work, it depends on how things go.

My friend Mohammed, although he cannot come due to going to a wedding today, dropped off two vegetables trays with dip yesterday.  I was so touched.  He had promised them and he kept his word!
His little visit calmed me down and gave me heart to continue.

Speaking of continuing, I may have to start a new blog as I cannot find a way to post pictures.  I want to pay for this service, but am unable to as they only seem to take credit cards which I do not use.

I will post the new blog address eventually when I set it up.

I wish I could figure out how to pay them and keep my same blog but there are no clear instructions how to do that on their website.

Have a good day and thanks for reading my blog.  I will post more about the party tomorrow probably.

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