Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday at Lester and Denise's home

What a real blessing for me to have been invited.  Rosel was my first friend in Hamilton and Denise is her daughter.  We drove out to Grimby to their lovely home.  Such beautiful countryside. I even saw a horse! Lots of barns, some in operation still.  An apple tree farm ploughed over - such a sad sight!  I don't get much chance to go into the countryside so it made this occasion extra special for me!  There is some wonderful places that we stopped and looked down at the lower City of Stoney Creek.  It was great as the trees are still bare and one could see Toronto in the far distance. 

When we arrived at their house, some of the early flowers were poking their dear little heads out but on the whole, everything was still dormant. 

I took only shots inside of their very cozy and well kept home.  It was a little too cold to go outside on the deck without coats on.

This young couple had prepared their table so beautifully and I took several shots of it before we sat down.

Denise and Lester's dining area

Their little neighbour 5 years of age made the bird centerpiece

Their deck from the living room-  Wild turkeys in the far field, a red robbin sat there several times.

Denise and Rosie - Mother and daughter
 Rosie cooked the lamb most deliciously and Denise and Lester cooked the wonderful vegetables.  It was a feast not only for the taste for the eyes.

We watched a movie after our main course and it was very funny. 

Our desert was to die for.  Yogurt with berries and lady fingers plus homemade baklava!

Daughter and Mother

We got there a little after 1 p.m. and had such a restful and "wunderbar" afternoon. Denise and Lester both, are wonderful cooks and such gracious hosts. 

The time just sped by, like whirling bike  wheels whose rider is peddling vigorously.  The next thing we knew, it was 6 p.m. and Rosie, David and I, had to drive back to Hamilton which took about an hour.

The love birds - Denise and Lester

Rosie and David, her youngest son

Lester, Rosie and David

 All in all, a wonderful Easter day with close friends, good food and great company!  Thanks for reading my blog.  I hope that I can continue to post pictures as I really prefer working with this blog as it is so much simplier to understand.

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