Friday, April 22, 2011

Maudy Thursday

Yesterday night we had a service at St. Paul's which was held in St. Andrew's Hall.  I found it quite lovely.  It started off with cranberry juice while people put together a pieces of a homemade puzzle.  Mini's homemade soup was next and hotcross buns and bread, then people could have cookies and coffee and tea if they wished.

The actual service was held there as well and it was very interesting. Dr. Shaeffer gave a very good message and the congregation participated in reading the scriptures which were printed on the programme.

Two ladies, whom I did not recognize, played the violin beautifully and Enid played the keyboard for the two hymns. Enid is so very talented with her musical abilities. The highlight of the evening, as far as I was concerned, was Carmen singing in Spanish while the congregation sang the chorus in English.  She sang like a bird.

I had hoped Edilma, my young Ecuadorian friend, could come to meet Carmen and Wally but after her time talking English to me, she was very tired and went back to Leny's home.  She will be leaving Canada very soon but I will help her still with her English through the internet. 

She is a very nice young lady and I shall miss our little English/Spanish sessions.  When she doesn't understand something in English, I say it to her in Spanish and then she understands and we repeat it in English several times.  She is a very quick learner.

We may go to the waterfront if the weather is okay some time this weekend just so she can see another section of it before she leaves.

All in all, a very pleasant afternoon and evening yesterday.  Today, Good Friday, I shall go to St. Paul's for a special concert and then Carmen suggested that we three should go out to lunch after that.

Sunday I will be with Rosel and her family and Monday, I will go and do my early voting!  It is turning out to be a very nice people weekend after all. 

All I need now is for the medicine to work and then things will be back to normal. 

Have a great day, and thanks for reading my blog.

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