Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alone again

I have known about this for a few days now but have not had the time to write about it.  My son's company  has been one of the companies chosen to  relocate to Chile for six months to a year.  It is financed by the Chilean Government.

It is the big break that he has been so patiently striving for and I wish him well.  I am so delighted for him that he has been chosen.  It will be such a good experience working and living in a foreign country.

My only regret is that our own Canadian government did not have the foresight to support his plan for the military and invest in one of their own citizens who is doing everything in his power to make his company succeed for the betterment of our returning veterans who have given so much.

It is Canada's loss and Chile's gain.  Chile is one of the most stable countries in South America and this is the second wave of entrepeneurs that they are hosting so the kinks are already straightened out.

Apparently, Santiago is twice the size of Toronto and even has a very good metro system. 

From a strictly selfish point of view, I shall miss him very much but hopefully the time will go fast and he will return to Canada, his company better known and with even more good connections, especially in the South American market.

Congratulations to my son.  Well done!

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