Thursday, April 28, 2011

So many goodbyes

It seems lately I am saying goodbye more than hello.  My young Ecuadorian friend will be leaving Canada in about a week and a half,  Leny is in Hondorous now, Andrew is off to Ethopia for more than a month, and Ken is soon off to Chile for six months to a year.

I shall miss Edilma and our little language sessions together.  She is such a nice person.  We will keep in touch via e-mail and I can continue to help her master English.  It has been great for me as if she doesn't understand, I tell her in Spanish and then she understands.  It helps me remember my Spanish.

I shall be looking after Andrew's place for him when he is gone.  It is not a very stable country to go to, in fact, Canada does not consider it a safe place to visit.  I sure hope he will be okay there.

It seems that I am the only one not going somewhere!  Perhaps that will change, who knows?

Thanks for reading my blog and have a good day!

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