Monday, April 4, 2011

Poetry Month - Tower Poetry Society's reading at ArtwordArtbar

Sunday afternoon proved to be an excellent afternoon listening to poetry brought by the poets of Tower Poetry Society.

I was on first in the second set and our Editor in Chief, Jeff Seffinga had a trick question to ask each performer.  It went something like this.  What would you wildest dream be if it were answered.  My answer to that was that to win the short story contest for the Toronto Star and its $5,000 prize.  The other question was what would you come back as if you were able to.  My answer was as a cat.

It was kind of fun and a most unusual way.  I really liked it.

My ability to put pictures onto my blog is now finished until I can figure out how to buy more space so unfortunately there will be no pictures of this event.  They did turn out quite well but you can see them on the Tower Website as I was taking pictures on behalf of Tower.

The afternoon was time well spent which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thanks for reading my picture-less blog.  Hopefully I can find a way to send them a cheque.

Have a great day.

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