Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Planatorium visit, luncheon and the waterfront

What a busy day today was. Had a good time with a big group of people. It was the annual trip of the E.L.W. and men are allowed to come with their wives if they want to.

The planatorium was very nice and the presenter did a good job. She is in her first year of her PhD programme and was very knowledgeable.

After the one hour session, we all went by various cars to the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce where we had a room set aside for ourselves.

The soup was delicious - squash, the meal lovely, roast chicken, vegetables and new potatoes, and for desert we had a ice cream and cake type of desert in a tall glass. I was only able to eat a little of the dinner so asked for a doggie bag.

We all drove over to Pier 8 to take pictures of the group outing and that went well.

They want me to write it up which I will do when I have a minute.

All in all, a lovely time and they sure are a very caring bunch of people!

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