Sunday, June 21, 2009

Becky Alexanders Book Launch in Preston, Ontario

The man who played the Bagpipes.
Medals won by Jim Alexander, during W.W. 2.

Author/poet - Becky D. Alexander - book signing.

In spite of threatening weather, we three drove up to Preston to attend the book launch of Becky's book, SHRAPNEL about her soldier Dad.

It was held in a lovely spot, the Preston Lawn Bowling Club and for the actual readings, we all sat out on the screened in porch.
It was so lovely a spot, the lush green grass of the actual lawn bowling site, the stately tall trees on neighbouring properties, the well constructed houses of yesteryear proved to be a perfect setting for this event.
On the screened in porch, blue plastic tablecovers graced the tables; elegantly set with local flowers in tiny vases, waiting for the invited guests to sit and enjoy chating with others as well as to partake of the delicious refreshments available.
A fastastic event, a beautiful spot, compatible people and weather which was not too hot nor too cold. Just perfect for such a nice event.
Best wishes to Becky on her newest book!

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