Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lit Chat - Tuesday June 9

On Tuesday evening, Lit Chat was held at the Skydragon Cafe on King William.

James Strecker was the guest author and his talk was on poetry, death and horror beyond words. He was born in Manitoba and has a long list of credentials to his credit.

Although the subject sounded gruesome, it was not. Mr. Strecker was able to keep the conversation moving along and many people gave their opinions which was great. Poets, writers of other gendres, publishers were in attendance.

It was a most interesting topic and discussed the issue of writing about tragedy and how far one should write about it.

Mr. Strecker was a most interesting person to listen to. It was a larger group than normal, possibly because it was the last one for this season and possibly because of the reputation of the speaker.

Time well spent!

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