Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday at Van Wagner's Beach!

My friend Jennifer and I went to this wonderful part of Hamilton and spent a delightful afternoon there sipping a thermos of hot coffee, nibbling on lovely donuts and plain cookies as we sat enjoying the peaceful water setting.

The beach was not overly crowded but we did see one little boy in his swim suit in the water!

The sea gulls were swooping down and gliding their way along the water as if they owned the beach, which in some ways, they do.

Wouldn't it be so nice to be free like a sea gull, to fly away when one chooses, with wings one already has, to dive, to wade and to just peck at whatever comes along?

Quite a free life, in my opinion.

We sat, two chatting women, among the bushes which gave us shelter from the sun and yet provided a clear view of the choppy water as the waves made their way hurriedly to the shore.

We had the pleasure of seeing a sail boat and also a yacht as they skimmed over the water before our delighted eyes.

Water brings so pleasure to we human beings, to sit by it, to swim in it, and to row in it.

It brings us fish to eat, and pleasant sounds of lapping water in our ears which can calm even a restless soul. Even the crashing waves of a storm lake can bring exhilaration to a person tuned in to its rhythm. As a young girl, it was my great pleasure to walk by the water (Lac St. Louis) when a storm was hitting and to hear the waves crash onto the cement abutments.

The cry of a seagull is a haunting sound and one I welcome. Seagulls are the same both in my home town as well as in my new home town of Hamilton! I could not live happily in a place where there is no water, of that I am sure!

Time spent by the water is like a little peace of heaven for me.

Ah the sights one sees at the beach!
Sun worshippers, roasting in the strong rays of the afternoon sun, dog walkers as the dogs walk them, and people strolling hand in hand as they enjoy their time together.

Such a delightful afternoon spent with a good friend. A day to be thankful for!

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princess-anna said...

HI mom

I sure love reading your blogs and love this one more as it is so refreshing to sit at the beach. I am so happy for you to have a nice friend like Jenifer. Is she a middle aged friend? Just curious to know