Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breakthrough Group

What a wonderful group we had today. Two new people and both contributed to the group.

I am so glad that people are starting to turn out as Monique puts a lot of effort into her exercises and it must be frustrating for her if people don't come.

I met this lovely young lady from Holland, visiting her Grandmother and she saw one of Monique's signs and came. She actually is originally from Russia but lives in Holland now.

Three of us, including her, will be going on the bus to Pier 8 tomorrow so she can see some of the waterfront.

This has been a very noteable day but I am feeling very tired as a crisis arose and help was needed immediately for a friend of mine and so I called my son and Jody and they came to help this person whom they have never met. I am so very proud of them!

This person is now safely in a new location and life should be better for her now.

I am so thankful I have experience in working in assaulted women's shelters and in crisis situations. It is a real blessing from God, that things worked out so well.

I am one proud mother!

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