Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

Today, New Year's Day is very, very cold but the sun is shining and coming through my window which makes it much more cheerful! As I sit here at my computer, my mind reflects on my beloved Country Canada and the people who live here in freedom. Canada is so beautiful with its distinct four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. All of which have their own special features. Below is a winter scene, note the ice laden trees, the banks of white snow and the street lights shining. Darkness comes early in the winter months.
Winter in Canada. Yes, beautiful to look at from one's cozy apartment, but not so beautiful to have to huddle outside in it, with the winds whipping the snow into one's face, a cap sitting in front on the ground, begging for money. There are many homeless people in Canada now, having to somehow survive our harsh winters, humid and hot summers. and all the other variations of weather we have. Even families are without shelter due to the high cost of living which includes high rents, especially in major cities such as Toronto, Ontario or Vancouver, British Columbia.
Yes, there are shelters for people to go into for the night, but there are some people who. for their own valid reasons, will not go into a shelter,and who chose to sleep on a hot air vent in cities like Toronto.
Life in Canada is good, if you have a well paying job, money in your pocket, and a warm and cozy home. Many people who come to this country as refugees and landed immigrants have a very rough time of it, trying to learn English or French, depending on which province they settle in, trying to get used to very different customs and culture, and far away from loved ones back home. Working in very low paying jobs, far beneath their abilities, they struggle to bring up their families and make a new life for themselves.
The working poor, often times has to use food banks just to get by. This includes Canadians born here, as more and more people are losing their jobs due to the economic difficulties that Canada is facing.

That is the downside of Canada. The upside far outweighs the downside but one must work hard here to succeed.
One of our most precious things we have is Freedom of Religion. It does not matter if one is Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist etc. etc. as long as one lives in peace in Canada, one can practice their own religion without fear.

To get back to our theme of New Year's Day let us hope the caricature below is not on how you feel this day! Let us hope that the coffee in his hand helps him get over his excessive partying last night! Many people may be having headaches today if they went out to celebrate bringing in the new year.

I felt this little bear might just express a good and positive feeling for the beginning of the new year.

No matter what path we choose, what we do each day, with every thought we think, we are making our own futures. Let us, in this beginning of a new year, work towards establishing justice for all, lending a hand when we can and in general, being good to our fellow creatures on this planet.
Happy New Year from the cats and I, dear reader! May your new year bring you joy and happiness, enough to eat, enough to share and the ability to remember others and their needs.
H A P P Y N E W Y E A R!!!


annaken said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments via my e-mail. I appreciate people making comments.

As an immigrant yourself, you have seen what I said is true.

Canada is a great place to live, but not utopia!

Kate's Blog said...

Hi Wilma

Happy New Year to you. Sorry to hear you were sick over Christmas. I hope you are getting better. Just email if you need anything. Well with you apartment bound you have been busy with the blog. Lots of new posts added since I read last. Really enjoyed the new messages. Feel better and hope to see you soon at church
Kathy Fruck

kuizikel said...
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