Monday, January 19, 2009

Another accident on James South

This could happen to anybody!

This slippery weather is causing problems for pedestrians and drivers alike. A young lady was darting across the street, coming out from behind parked cars, and the silver-haired man hit her accidently.

Of course, that is not the proper way to cross a street, but be that as it may, many, many people choose to do that.

The fire truck came first and two burly firefighters with huge bags went to her aid, then a few minutes later, the ambulance and police arrived.

She was taken away to the hospital.

From the first aid courses I had to take to work in the Toronto School Board as a day care teacher, the first mistake was to move her. Several well meaning people rushed over and tried to help her up. Another by-stander called 911.

They did succeed in getting her up and took her into the coffee shop right there.

However, this can often cause more damage than help, especially when the injuries are unknown.

It would appear that she was not badly hurt but perhaps had some broken bones.

The poor man who hit her, stopped and went into the coffee shop and stayed with her until the Emergency Medical Services people came.

This is the third accident, to my knowledge, just within a few short weeks. One lady was killed, another person was seriously injured and now this young lady hit.

One would think that pedestrians and drivers would take extra care in such weather as we have been having lately!

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