Friday, January 23, 2009

My poem, published in the Ambition Newspaper - Toronto, Ontario

I wrote this poem, knowing my own frailties and shortcomings and realizing my own dependence on the Higher Power. This poem will be read by a dear friend of mine, Eleanore Kosydar, at my funeral service. God Willing, that may be a few years hence, but only God knows that.

It is my hope that all people of faith, no matter which religion they may follow, will find something in this poem which they can relate to.

I wrote this poem with thankfulness in my heart for the love that God has shown to me through- out my life. May it bless you as you read it.

My Journey

I live alone, yet am not lonely
I cry out when in pain, my sighs are noted
my innermost thoughts are known to You
Creator Lord, Friend and Saviour God

Each day, I choose to walk with you, My God
Your loving presence is ever close to me
When my heart is sad and I feel “down”
You send an angel, disguised as friend

My confidence rests in You, Oh God,
Your loving presence guides me always
I slip and fall, You give me strength
To pick myself up and begin again!

I have left You behind several times
To do my “own thing”, go my own way
My spirit was distressed, uneasy
Until I returned to You, Living God

My frame is getting frail, with little strength
My earthly journey is almost done
I keep on trying, with God’s loving help
To make a difference before I go

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Martha Jette, Editor/Author/WebMaster said...

Your poem is just lovely and very heart warming. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Take care,

annaken said...

Thank you, Martha. Your kind words mean a lot to me.

princess-anna said...

Mom Your poem is lovely and very encouraging to me

annaken said...

Thank you, Princess anna, for your kind words about my poem.

My hope it that it will be a blessing to others.