Sunday, January 25, 2009

A nice way to spend the day

Whitehern Historical House is one of my most favourite spots to go in Hamilton, Ontario as it brings back so many memories of things I remember from my childhood.

It is located on Jackson Street in the downtown area, right across from the YWCA.

It is also quite easy to get to if one takes the city buses, as the McNabb platform is just down the street from it. Also, if one drives, there is City Hall parking next to it.

This wonderful old house was willed to the City of Hamilton when the last of the McQuesten family died off. It is well built and is now maintained by the City.

In the summer, there are free concerts in the wonderful old gardens once a week. In the winter, they decorate for Christmas and today was a free visit to the home plus 1930's games in the Stable which is right near the garden. One could purchase a bottomless cup of delicious hot chocolate for $1.00 while in the Stable.

They have a very nice event coming up which will be held on Valentine's Day and I hope to be able to go.

It was nice to see a fairly steady stream of visitors come to this old house, especially young people bringing their little ones to see it.

Down below, you will find pictures I took today with some notations


Note the wonderful old cookwear on the stove!

I love this little table - it reminds me of one my aunt had when I was a little girl.

Milk bottles - I remember them as a child. The milkman always used to come to the door with the milk. My mother would always put the bottles out and the tickets for the milk and he would come early in the morning. At that time, it was quite safe to do that.

The 1930's kitchen


What a lovely way to spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon with the very nice staff dressed in period costumes and a friend.

After that, went to the Open House at Whitehern and took lots of pictures. Two friends were supposed to come but only one did.

However, we had a great time and both of us took lots of pictures.

Whitehern is planning many lovely events at very reasonable prices and some are even free. I plan to attend when I can.

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