Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Presentation by Eleanore Kosydar

A very special annotation on my copy, which I will always cherish. Eleanore has proven to be a good friend and I appreciate her.

Eleanore talking to the filled room of enchanted listeners. (see below)
She and her husband Richard have published a wonderful book called the Dundas Valley, Visions of Beauty. As a gifted poet herself, she read a couple of her poems during the presentation on the wonderous sites of the Dundas Valley.
For those people who are reading this blog and not from this area, Dundas Valley is part of Hamilton, Ontario and has breathtaking scenery, only minutes away by car from downtown Hamilton.

Hamilton has some breathtaking spots to explore, to hike in, to sit by and to experience the wonders of nature.
It is certainly well worth a visit!

It was such a pleasant way to spend time looking at the wonderous pictures that Richard and Eleanore have taken on the T.V. screens ranging along the wall. Eleanore gave an explanation of each picture as they came on the screen.

Many people who attended were from Hiking groups, some poetry group friends and fellow authors.

She will be having one more reading in February.

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