Friday, January 9, 2009

An accident - people's kindness shown to victim

I happened to look out my window at noontime today and saw a young man lying still on the cold, icy pavement in the middle of James Street South.

It appeared like he may have been hit by a car but I did not see that part. I did see that he was lying so still and that by-standers came running over to surround him so that oncoming traffic would not run over him.

One man directed the buses and the cars as they carefully steered around him.

One woman took off her coat and put it over the young person. The ambulance, fire and police people soon came and took him away to the hospital.

It reminded me of the time I had the stroke and fell on the streetcar tracks on Dundas Street in Toronto. If it were not for Somali women in their bright clothing surrounding me, the streetcar which was rapidly coming at me would have killed me. A bicycle policeman, a wonderful young man, took off his police jacket and covered me with it and a woman put my purse under my head. I needed stitches over my eye and my arm was broken but time and rest restored me to my old self.

It just shows that there are good people out there and when the need arises, people will come forward.

In the case of the young man, thank God that it was day time and there were lots of people around to help.

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