Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What a wonderful time I had

Happily for me, my suitcase and the duffel bag fit into the lady's car.  She was concerned that it might not.  Thus, I became concerned that I might not be able to go.  The lady picked me up on the street but fortunately the traffic was not too bad.  Usually there are 3 or 4  buses parked but they had just left when she arrived.. The younger lady jumped out of the car and hauled my suitcase and duffel bag  into the back seat. I then got in as quickly as I could and became a back seat driver, joke, joke......Actually, I prefer the back seat in any event and there was enough room for my suitcase, duffel bag and me so it worked out well.

We set out on our adventure.  It was approximately two and a half hours to our destination.  We stopped for lunch at Marji's which is a very popular restaurant in Elora.  It was packed but we managed to get seats together.  The food was delicious and two of us asked for doggie bags which was good as we could eat it for supper as well.

It was so pleasant having the younger lady with us as she is a good chatter and she knows the driver for many years.  A most pleasant journey.

I think we arrived a little after 3 and most of the ladies were there already.  We all sat out on the deck and chatted and enjoyed each others company.  Here is a picture of the deck and Lake Huron.

A view from the deck of the cottage where we stayed

Another view from the same deck

I loved this pot of flowers - they added so much beauty to the deck

Looking onto a neighbour's propery

This looked so attractive 

 It is so good to be in the country for a little while.  It refreshes the spirit.  I would not say that we had to rough it in any way though!  It was so pleasant with all the gals together and we had some wonderful conversations.

Friday night we hopped into one of the cars and went to Sauble Beach for a walk.  There was a new attraction there and some of the gals tried it out.

One of our gals walking down towards the beach

Hanna on the outside

Sigrid (Siggie) on the outside

Nice sandy beach and there were people in swimming the next time we came for lunch.

A view of the sandy beach at Sauble Beach

The entrance to Sauble Beach

Please note the cars on the beach

We went to Sauble Beach to a restaurant run by the native people.  The food was excellent and I liked out waitress.  I asked her if she knew Peter's girlfriend but she did not.  She told me that there are some people living in Port Crocker with that last name but I did not get to it.  Waltraut was kind enough to drive me through one of the native villages which looked a very prosperous place and very well organized.

Unfortunately, as I forgot her phone number, I was unable to get in touch.

We went shopping in Southampton which was fun.  We went to a large indoor shopping place and I bought two lovely facecloths for one dollar each.  I wish I had bought more.  If I am able to go next year, I will buy some more of that kind.

Some of the gals looking at the water

I loved this plant - so delicate

This says it all!

It was a wonderful time with a great bunch of gals, fun, serious times and shopping.....

I drove back with another lady which gave me the opportunity to get to know her better.

All in all, good memories to keep me warm when next winter comes......

Thanks for dropping by.

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