Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trip to Stoney Creek on Tuesday & a visit from Stella

My student and I met down town and took the 5 Delaware (Stoney Creek) bus.  We tried to get on several  No 5's but they were not the right buses.  Eventually the one that says Stoney Creek came and we got on.  It was very crowded with five baby carriages on it.  Fortunately there were no wheelchairs or walkers this time.

It was a long ride in a crowded bus.  We did not know exactly where to get off so we asked the driver who was very nice.  He even told us where to stand to go back to down town Hamilton when we were ready to return.

The main part of the village doesn't have much to see, in my opinion.  The one time before when I went with my Toronto friend Mary we found a dress shop which she liked.  I looked for that shop but it is no longer there.  The ice cream shop has gone as well.  That was 11 years ago.  The Villager (restaurant) is still there and that was where we ate eleven years ago.

We walked the main street, sat on some benches and people watched.  We waited at a bus stop near the end of the street and Ibtissaam phoned the phone number listed on the pole and it was for a local bus not one that would take us back to Hamilton.   We ended up walking back to the stop where the original driver told us to wait.  Fortunately a BeeLine #10 bus came and Ibtissaam knew this bus so we got on.  It is a non-stop bus and goes very fast in comparison to the regular city bus.  If we had not seen that bus, we would have had to take a No 52 bus which would go as far as Dundas.  Either way it would have been fine, but the Beeline is much faster!

Stoney Creek seems to be mostly a residential area at least in the Village part.  Very nice but I doubt I
will go out there without a very good reason.  It took at least half an hour if not more just to get there on the city bus.

at the Villager patio in Stoney Creek

King Street in Stoney Creek

A sitting area on the main street - fountain not yet activated

We will check out another section of the city next Tuesday at our regular time.

The next day (Wednesday) was lunch with Stella.  We had a nice time at the club, lunch in the Morgan Room and then tea and desert before the fire in the room across from the lounge.

We were there for about three hours I think.  The university had a big function in the larger dining room so there was a lot of noise and busyness going on.  It would have been nicer if there were fewer people there but in spite of that, we had a good time.

Today is voting day in Ontario and then I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon.

It will be a busy day today but all nice things so I hope the rain holds off.

Have a good day and thanks for dropping by.

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