Monday, June 16, 2014

Visit to Jody's in Westdale

I took the No. 6 bus earlier than I anticipated and they were not home as yet. I sat and enjoyed the garden, the little robin who hopped around and the nice breeze which wafted over my face.

It was heavenly.  A little after 1:30 Kenny came walking home from the office and asked me how long I had been waiting.

He was very surprised that I got there so early but it was okay.  I really enjoyed my solitude time in the back yard.

A cute bird house - new this year I think

Some of Jody's flowers

Ken and Jody enjoying the backyard after a lovely BBQ

On the patio section of the back yard where the BBQ is.  Ken made a wonderful BBQ for Jody and I. He is an excellent cook!

  I am happy to say that I finished one editing job for a lady in the States and she has paid me by pay pal, now I have to finish working on the Bible study for the group of ladies who are going on the Retreat, then I can work on editing another person's book on prayer - this time from Germany.  
Isn't the internet wonderful how it can connect people together in a good way?

Thanks for dropping by.

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